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About Us

Opened in 2018, Grime 2 Shine Mobile Detailing provides the best auto detailing services and more to the citizens in and around Temecula, CA. We bring with us a level of professionalism and detail that is unmatched to ensure you are receiving top-quality service.

As a mobile detailing service, we can provide you the opportunity to have your vehicle detailed or washed from the comfort of your own home or office. The quality of our work on the road is as great as if you brought your vehicle to a shop. We are happy to help your car shine regardless of where we work.

We offer detailing services for a wide variety of vehicles. We can detail your cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, RV, motorcycles, trailers, boats, and more.

Whether you need your exotic car shining bright or your “soccer mom” SUV needs some deep cleaning, we take the time to make sure your vehicle is looking great inside and out.

Here at Grime 2 Shine we never leave a crumb behind! Give us a call today (951) 331-9286

Our Services

Pricing By Vehicle Type

(Prices may vary based on auto size and amount of work involved. Inquire for a free estimate.)

Auto Wash / Detail

Mobile Auto Wash

Exterior, interior, wash, tires, windows, and vacuum.
Car $25
Truck or SUV $35

Mini Detail

Wash + Venom fax foam spray, Clay leather conditioning and rubber treatments for panels, doors, and dash.
Car $120
Truck or SUV $140

Full detail

Mini detail + engine cleaning, undercarriage, and hand wax.
Car $240
Truck or SUV $260

Semi Truck Wash / Detail

Semi Wash (cab only)

Interior, exterior, vacuum, windows, tires

Semi trailer (in addition to cab)

Semi Mini Detail (cab only)

Wash + degrease cab, tires, condition and treat interior with premium dressing

Semi Full Detail (cab only)

Mini + full engine detail, undercarriage wash and degrease, polish rims, condition and treat interior with premium dressing, Q-tip detail vents, white glove final inspection

Boat Wash / Detail

Boat Wash

Small $60/Medium $120/Large $180
Interior, exterior, vacuum, windows, etc.

Boat Mini Detail

Small $140/Medium $190/Large $240
Interior, exterior, clay, wax, spot check carpet, leather cleaning and conditioning, chrome polish

Boat Full Detail

Small $300/Medium $350/Large $400
Mini + engine cleaning, hand wax, carpet shampoo, pressure wash interior, buffing

RV Wash / Detail

RV Wash

Venom foam wash with soft water, exterior only, windows, tires

RV Mini Detail

Wash + exterior clay, tire dressing, plastic trim dressing
$180 – $240

RV Full Detail

Mini + degrease/wash engine, hand wax or buff job, polish rims, headlight restoration

Motorcycle Wash / Detail

We only do dry washes for motorbikes, no pressure washer so that pressurized water doesn’t cause harm. Dry wash takes more time, as it very tedious and meticulous to go through every detail. Contact us to discuss your motorbike type, needs and get a pricing estimate.

Exotic Car Wash / Detail

We first will detail an exotic car outside of it’s garage, then weekly can do a dust-off, spot inspection, and waxing as needed. Contact us to discuss your exotic car needs and get a price estimate.

Fleet / Aircraft Wash / Detail

Inquire for pricing based on fleet / aircraft type, size, number, and schedule.

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Wash

Automate your auto wash schedule with us, and get volume discounts! Inquire for pricing based on your needs.