Getting a scratch on your car, a dent or paint chipped off does not only affect your car aesthetically. It provides an entry point for rust to start within a few days. Getting it repaired the soonest possible time may save you a great deal of headache and cost of money if left unchecked.

Paint Swirl Repair

Swirls are micro-marring typically caused by wiping your car down with a dry towel to remove dust or drying your car after every wash. You can’t really feel it with your fingertips, but it is clearly visible in bright light. This is because the jagged edges of the micro scratches catch the light. Swirls are barely visible on light colored cars because they reflect more light. Still, paint swirls detract from a car’s appearance- be it light or dark-colored.

Swirl removal can be done by polishing using polishes, compounds, and swirl removers. These products are basically the same in that they contain micro-abrasives enough to dull the jagged edges of the swirls but are too tiny to scratch your car’s top coat. You can buff by hand or by a dual-action polisher. Doing it by hand, you will find, takes quite a great amount of time and hard work to get good results. Using a machine and the right pads can make the job easier and restores your car’s gloss and shine faster and gives the best results.

It is best to wax after polishing to keep you car paint protected as polishing removes wax.

Scratch or Chip Repair

Repairing a scratch or a chip, one would need to have some level of competence and knowledge. There are steps that are a must to follow when doing a paint repair.


  1. Assess the damage. If your car has deep scratches that expose the bare metal of your car, know that rust can easily start within days. The sooner you prevent that, the better.
  2. Get the Right Shade of Paint. Find your car’s paint code on a Service Parts Identification label. Your paint vendor may ask for your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to get a match. It may be found on a sticker on your car’s door or somewhere else (depending on the make of the car).
  3. Gather materials needed. You will need a primer, clear coat, paint thinner, rubbing compound, very fine grit sandpaper, tweezers, cotton swabs.
  4. Prep the area. You will need to remove wax, dirt or grease and anything else that will resist paint. This is to avoid problems with paint not adhering properly. Cleaners specifically for this purpose are available at professional body shop stores. Remove any debris or loose paint with tweezers.
  5. Sand the area. Sanding outside the area should be kept to a minimum.
  6. Do the repair. Apply the primer with applicator brush. Let the primer cure (according to product instructions) before applying paint. Wet sand area when dry. Apply the clear coat and wet sand again. Rubbing improves the results which also depend on the level of skill and the materials used.

Car Dent Repair

Granted you have the proper tools and the skill to remove dents, door dings and other body creases, dent repairs still take time and a whole lot of patience. You may have to disassemble panels and liners to work on the affected area. This may require a lot more tools than what you have on hand. It is easy to make dents worse and even damaging the paint in the process when you do the job yourself and rush it. That is why it is still recommended to let professionals do the work to get full satisfaction with the repair work.

Knowing the basics of the repair process (what, when, how to use the materials needed), having the right materials and the necessary skills, plus the patience needed will give you better results. However, car paint kits are not meant to be permanent solutions and cannot ensure you won’t have future problems arising from that “repaired” scratch, chip or dent.

And unless you expect a lot of paint repair done, there’s no need to buy different types DIY repair kits for the different type of repairs. They may be a bargain, but then you’d get bargain results as well. Getting paint repairs done professionally will get you the best results and save yourself from sweating it out for days just to get it “right” or even close to.

With a professional car paint repair you won’t be checking your car time and again to see if your “repairs” show. You’ll have fewer worries when you get it done professionally and your car will look great.

Does your car have paint scratches, chips or blemishes? We can color match your paint exactly and give it a look that unnoticeably blends in with the rest of your car’s paint. We can do this and also wash and wax your car at your location! Contact us for more information at (951) 331-9286