Exterior Car Detailing:

When you want more than a car washing.

Getting your car looking like new and keeping it that way takes more than a wash and wax job. Your car would need to have mobile detailing to get it to have that show-quality cleanliness and polish. This involves thorough cleaning, restoration, and finishing.

When a car goes through a complete auto detailing it gets to have a thorough cleaning before anything else. That is, it gets an exhaustive car washing from car body down to the wheels, lug nuts and the brake calipers. However, there are contaminants that can be very tough to remove and stays even after all that car washing. These contaminants remain stuck and penetrate the paint over time, oxidizing which then allows rust to spread beneath the clear coat. Such are brake dust and metal particles from other automotive systems which linger on busy roads. These envelope your car every time you are on these roads and most especially when you’re stuck in traffic. Additionally, there are rail dust, industrial fallout, and acid rain deposits as well. They can be most damaging as they penetrate your car’s top coat down to the paint and oxidize and erode within a very short time.

FYI: Brake dust is 92% Iron.                

Having your car’s exterior detailed helps to remove these damaging contaminants. Professional detailers employ the claying process to remove tough surface contaminants. This is done using auto detailing clay bar- an engineered resin compound which is very elastic giving it great durability to withstand rolling, flattening, smashing and stretching over and over again to cover every surface of the car. Any contaminant stuck on the surface is lifted up and grabbed by the clay as it glides on the surface. The clay is used with clay lubricant to prevent any loose debris from scratching your paint as claying is done. When done properly, claying is non-abrasive and does not remove paint which is why it makes it a better option for removing tough surface contaminants than polishing to remove contaminants.

The car is given a wax or sealant coat after claying since clay removes wax and tiny holes may be present where contaminants have been removed. Sealing the car surface prevents corrosion.


With car detailing, car wheels are given a thorough cleaning as well. They are removed and cleaned inside and out including the lug nuts and the brake calipers. You can have the wheels sealed with a synthetic sealant to keep them clean and protected longer.

Car detailing is a good investment for your car to keep it looking good for longer. Getting a car to a show-car-finish takes a lot of know-how, proper tools, and needs a lot more time than most car owners can spare. If this is a problem for you, you don’t have to DIY your car detailing. Have Grime2Shine do it for you instead. Our experience and expertise have made us Temecula’s premier mobile detailing service. Trust us to give your car the best care and get your car looking brand new. 

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