Headlight Restoration

Your car’s headlights are your car’s eyes when you’re driving in low light conditions- most especially at night. It is very important to keep your headlights clean and clear. Yellow and cloudy lenses not only increase your vulnerability when driving in less than favorable lighting conditions, but it also detracts from the overall appearance of your vehicle.

Your Headlights

Headlights of cars built after 1990 would most likely have polycarbonate lenses. These are a great improvement to the glass lenses which easily break or crack on impact. Polycarbonate lenses, although having the tendency to go yellow and cloudy due to UV exposure, can be corrected to avoid replacement.

Detailing or Restoration

Specially formulated products are used when you get your headlights detailed. These are used to remove as much built-up dirt and grime to prep and clarify the lenses. Sanding is done to remove as much of the hazy and yellowed surface. This step is repeated with different levels of grit, removing the fine scratches left behind from the previous sanding until smooth. Superfine marks are then removed by polishing the lenses. A thorough compounding and polish remove the very fine scratches left behind by the previous steps. The headlights are given a new layer of UV protectant to replace the factory hard coat UV layer removed in the process.

With your headlight optical clarity restored, you can be assured of a safer drive and your headlights will look good as new.

You can always have your headlights replaced if you don’t mind spending a few hundred dollars for each headlight. The average cost of a new headlight assembly plus installation runs to as much as $200-$700! A headlight restoration service is a most inexpensive choice and cost only a fraction of the price.

Grime2 Shine can help get your headlights looking new and functioning as it should. For as low as only $15 per headlight, don’t make your car’s headlights restoration an option. Clean and clear headlights add more than just beauty and value to a car. More importantly, it makes for safer driving when you need to see the most. Make headlight restoration a part of your car’s maintenance.

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