Interior Car Detailing

Car interiors are also given the care needed to get them looking new. Keeping your car’s interior clean and polished is just as important as its exterior.  Interiors are given a good vacuuming to remove all dust and debris from every nook and cranny inside your car. Carpets are shampooed thoroughly and fabrics are treated for stains. If you have leather upholstery, it should be given a good cleaning to remove tough stains and dirt that’s deeply ingrained. It is then conditioned to keep the leather soft and supple. Leather protectants help keep the leather surface looking good for long.

Any plastic, vinyl and metal trims are also properly cleaned and dressed. Added protection can be applied for carpets, mats, and upholstery with stain guards and quality trim protectant.

And don’t forget the interior glass. To get perfect optical clarity, the interior side of the windows and other glass components need to be cleaned and polished as well.

Moving parts such as air vents are dusted and vacuumed and hinges are cleaned of grime and dirt and lubricated as well. In addition, weather stripping/door seals and window tracks are checked and lubricated.


Engine Detailing

Most car owners neglect this part of car maintenance. Keeping a car clean under the hood helps to identify problems faster. It also helps protect components from early wear and tear.

There is traditional engine detailing which makes use of degreasers to remove grime from the engine, washing them off with water. However, for modern cars that have a lot of plastic under the hood, you can do cosmetic engine detailing which uses air to blow out loose contaminants from the engine compartment and finishing it off with a wipe-down using a plastic trim dressing.

A clean engine bay can make a big impression on how well-maintained a car is and can only raise its value.

Having your car detailed not only raises its aesthetic and resale value (should you decide to sell it), it also helps protect your car from normal wear and tear for longer, prevent long-term problems as well as identify and correct problem areas in your car.

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